You Listen, I get PAID!?

In addition to following me HERE  (click a logo)17 banned baby names from around the world - Mirror Onlinetwitter_logo  YouTube says has 1 billion monthly active users

I want you to know that if you’re a user of one of these, I get PAID $ when you listen on here!


Yes, there is a “Terry Barber” Pandora station, Spotify Station, Youtube Channel, etc etc!

Thanks for everything you do to stay in touch and share my work with your friends!

The new subscription services at Apple Music, Pandora, etc. mean that every time one of my recordings is played, I get $.  Ok, it’s more like ₵, but ₵ add up!   #ArtistsNeedSense

PS If you’re still reading and you have an apple music subscription, could you email me the link to my apple music channel?  The link above is for iTunes, but I suspect there is a different link for Apple Music Subscribers…