Facebook: Love, or Hate?!

Most of us have a bit of a “love / hate” relationship with Facebook.  What do you HATE?! What do you love?  I HATE when people post about things that are completely mundane, uninteresting as it pertains to their own lives.  Twitter seems all too much about this.   Spam?! Yes, I get a lot of people trying to friend me and post garbage.  ick.  And, lastly, I feel like social networking sites have become the latest addiction and time-waster.  #BeMoreProductive

But, I LOVE the way we can honor people, recognize genius and other incredible accomplishments.  #PeopleAreAwesome  I love the way social networking is more positive, less dark than traditional media, like TV.  #UpBeat

If you’re still reading, this is part of my “getting to know you” series, post 2.  People at my performances get to know me, but I’d like to get to know you more, too.  #BecauseIWant2

As it pertains to the host of this message, this post is also about #FreedomOfSpeech

#HighTechLogoNot  #IDidItMySelf